First of all you need to choose a destination in Greece!
Once you choose the destination you want, all the entries you will find, will be for the specific destination.
In the main screen you will see the companies highlighted.
In the main menu you will find the options Travel Guides, Sights, Stories, Accommodation, Blog.
Some options have subcategories.
For example, in the Accommodation category there are three sub-categories: Hotels, Rooms and Camping.
If you click on Accommodation you will see businesses from all the subcategories.
All of these options you have at your disposal, are for the destination you have chosen.
If you want to change the destination simply select it from the drop-down list on the right or the browser.
Once you change destination, travelovergreece will load all the entries for the new destination (attractions, hotels, etc.)
The Navigator is a way to select the destination you’re interested.
Once you find a post or a business you are interested you can select and view details about it.
You can comment, rate or share.
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