Promote your business effectively with unique benefits and features. As the use of online tourism is growing at a spectacular rate, the company’s presence on the Internet is essential.


  • Selecting Destination

    700+ destinations

  • Hotel Research

    personal page

  • Hotel reviews

    comments & rating

  • Hotel Website

    direct access

  • Online Booking

    direct access

Selecting Destination. With over 700 destinations for Greece, growing social media audience, a detailed description of each prefecture and travel experiences from our members, travelovergreece is the ideal site for you to find the information you need!


Hotel Research.
Personal full detailed page of your business. Photos, embeddable video, Google maps. email, responsive design.


Hotel Reviews.
Comments and ratings from our guests and members. Direct interaction with social media.


Hotel Website.
 Over 90% of those who book accommodation online, visit the official website of the hotel, for more information. Guests do not need to search for your hotel or fill any inquiry form. travelovergreece give direct access to your website, email, phone and your page on facebook.


Online Booking. Visitors decide whether they will book from your hotel directly  or using third party services. travelovergreece give direct access to the online booking engine you want, your own or a third party.


home_32Your own page in Greek

A dedicated page for your business in Greek, without restrictions or any extra costs!

home_32_enYour own page in English

Full English translation on a different page with all the features of the Greek page!

home_32_enGoogle Maps

Exact location of your business on Google Maps.


Up to six large photos and embeddable videos.


E-mail, links to your website, Facebook and Online Booking services!

search_32Responsive design

For those visiting our site using mobile phone or tablet!

users_32Travel Experiences

Comments, ranking and travel experiences from our visitors!

search_chart_32Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization for your business page!

twitter_32Social Media

Direct interaction with social media (facebook, twitter, google+, etc)

user_twitter_32Social Login

Social Login for registration or commenting!


Read our blog about Greek destinations.


Travel Forum (currently only available in Greek)


Additional online exposure

For additional advertising options, choose from the two options below:

  • Make your business Featured on the main page of your destination.
  • Make your business Featured on category pages.