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  • You may not make more than one access accounts. If you have trouble accessing this forum you must not create a new account, use our contact form.
  • Messaging in Greeklish (Greek with Latin characters), is prohibited.
  • Messages for illegal software, software protection neutralizing, or referred to illegal acquisition of protected content are prohibited.. Messages, advertisements or promotions for disposal prohibited by applicable law goods (including adverts for products that infringe copyright laws as movies in DiVX, DVD-R, VCD and recorded performances of musical works in digital files mp3, wma, wav etc. . are strictly prohibited. Advertising of any kind without the written consent of the Manager is prohibited. Moreover spamming (multiple message submission, submitting spam or advertising message) in either public or private messages are prohibited.
  • Messages that have the effect of creating bad atmosphere in the forum are prohibited. Respect all members even if you disagree. Messages with personal attacks or using offensive and racist expressions and personal descriptions, are prohibited.
  • Expressly slander of goods, persons and undertakings are prohibited.
  • If you copy some text or passage of text from another site (site) or some other printed source or not, it is good to indicate the origin of the text at the end.
  • Participants agree not to place defamatory, offensive or any other material that may violate the laws of the Greek state.
  • The disclosure of personal data of other users or third parties without permission is prohibited. Personal information are including names, phone numbers, addresses, photos, e-mail, passwords.
  • Your messages will be published in category, whose theme is related to the content of messages. If you find a topic that is in the wrong category, please notify us, in order to move it to the correct category.
  • Any objections to tampering of the coordinators of the Forum will be provided with a personal message to the Coordinator and not public.
  • The terms of use may be modified at any time without notice  and apply to all visitors and registered members of
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Limitation of Liability

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