Greece is in a very bad position. We know and have experienced this bad situation all of us, or almost all of us. Life certainly goes on.. for some people less difficult for some other very difficult. But foreigners are very skeptical, when they think to visit Greece. Perhaps they are unnecessarily skeptical , but when you’re in another country and you hear constantly a thousand wrong happening, you will probably think seriously to visit … strikes, suffering, marches, episodes … The options are many in the Mediterranean and it is not difficult even at the last minute to change your trip.

This is my humble opinion that Greece is a safe country and moreover is not the only country on the same stranglehold, at least there is Portugal and Spain, also great tourist destinations. And these countries are experiencing the crisis and intense episodes erupt.

I accidentally fell into one article of a great travel site that had the title …

”Greece … good time to visit?”

The article speaks with good words for our country and I thought it would be appropriate to mention it. We quote some excerpts of the article …

”Is Greece a good place to visit this summer?
The answer is yes! People are still friendly, the culture is rich and the scenery is amazing.”

‘What should I expect when I get there?
Even in Athens and other major cities, which are most affected by the crisis, the effects are relatively mild. Life for Greeks continued. You will see stores closed, and many people profoundly affected by what happens (pension cuts, lost jobs, taxes collected). But the Greeks will welcome perhaps now more than ever, tourism is about 16.5% of the economy.

The competition for space on the beaches, tavernas and hotels are smaller than usual, as some travelers have been discouraged by the negative news.”

The article also states that foreign tourists should avoid areas with high probability events and if they want to boost the domestic economy to prefer Greek companies and businesses.




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