Some of the most beautiful lakes in Greece!

prespesPrespa lakes
Northwest of Greece about fifty kilometers from the city of Florina and Kastoria, we meet the Great and Small Prespa. The lakes belong to the National Park Prespa, and it’s remarkable, that there are over 1500 species of plants.
In the center of Small Prespa is the island of St. Achilles accessed via a floating bridge. A boat trip is the perfect choice to enjoy this creation of nature.



plastira lake viewPlastira lake
When human and nature working in harmony, the result is magical! The artificial lake will win you over, as soon as you saw it! Anywhere you stop, you will admire the magnificent view of the lake. A trek in the mountain villages of Agrafa, along with countless views of the lake, is an experience that you will never forget!



Doxa LakeDoxa Lake
Within walking distance from the famous Stymfalia, is a beautiful lake with unique blue water, Lake Doxa. The beauty is endless in the mountain peaks of Corinth and in the green of the pines and the endless colors of the lake!




Kastoria LakeKastoria Lake
A wonderful town with an equally lovely lake. Lake Kastoria or Orestiada Lake, is a UNESCO Natural Beauty by the Ministry of Culture and that makes sense, as it’s probably the most beautiful lake of Greece. Kastoria is mirrored on the lake and fascinates the visitors at every point!



Kerkini Lake<Kerkini Lake
Kerkini is an artificial lake formed by the dam up of the river Strymonas. Situated in Serres, about 40 km from the city and is one of the most important wetlands in Greece. Forests that reaches the shores of the Lake and unique views on Krousia Mountains and Mountain Mpeles, add special beauty to the lake!



Vistonida LakeVistonida Lake
The canals connecting the lake with the sea and river deltas in conjunction with the lagoons are enough to convince any of us that Vistonida is a unique lake! The age of this lake, is estimated at 5.000.000 years!



Pamvotida LakePamvotida Lake
Known as the Lake of Ioannina with Epirus mountains reflecting on, Pamvotida lake stands out on the peninsula in which is built the castle of Ioannina and the famous island.


Tsivlou LakeTsivlou Lake
Lake Tsivlou is located in the prefecture of Achaia and is a small but beautiful lake. Looks like an oasis, that you meet suddenly when you least expect it, smothered in green of mountain Helmos.


Kremaston Lake</Kremaston Lake
It is the largest artificial lake in Greece and lies between the prefectures of Aitoloakarnania and Evrytania. In various parts of the lake are green islets. Kremaston Lake has oblong shape and is really endless offering a spectacular view to visitors, especially from above.


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