travelovergreece presents you the five most beautiful Greek villages … in fact five of the most beautiful Greek villages, as Greece has countless! Get in touch with nature and enjoy the traditional atmosphere, nobility and serenity!

monemvasiaMonemvasia, Laconia

Monemvasia is located in the eastern Peloponnese and is a small town in the Laconia prefecture. The most famous landmark is the medieval Monemvasia fortress, which is located in Rock of Monemvasia. The rock or “Gibraltar of Greece” is joined to the city by a strip of land, offering a unique spectacle to visitors. Will amaze you the lower town and the castle!


The five most beautiful Greek villagesAmpelakia, Larisa

Ambelakia is a traditional village located on the northwestern slopes of Kissavos and is definitely one of  the most beautiful Greek villages. In the village you can admire the magnificent mansions. Also within walking distance is Tempe. Once you first see the village, tucked away in the verdant mountainside, something makes you want to reach out, to walk the cobblestone streets and admire the magnificent mansions.


nymfaioNymfaio, Florina

Nymfaio village is classified as preserved traditional village and a visit to this idyllic village, will make you understand why. It dominates at an altitude of over 1300 meters, in the Mount Vernon. The village is threatened by desertification in the decade of 90s, but today is one of the most popular destinations in Greece and not only, as it receives thousands of tourists every year.


The five most beautiful Greek villagesZarouchla, Achaia

One of the most beautiful villages of the Peloponnese, Zarouchla located on the slopes of Helmos at an altitude of 1200 meters. Here you will be rewarded not only by the village with its unique beauty and tranquility it exudes, but also from the scenic route and its surrounding attractions. The lake Doxa and the path Feneos will be an unforgettable experience!


vlastiVlasti, Kozani

This wonderful village with breathtaking stunning views , is located near Kozani and in a short distance from Ptolemaida. The view is amazing and it is due to the fact that the village is built on a small plateau closed. Wonderful natural surroundings, crystal clear waters, majestic mansions and cobblestone streets …


Five of the most beautiful villages of Greece! Certainly there are many more! For this reason we expect your own suggestions in the comments ….



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