We present you some of the best travel gadgets! When we plan a trip, small or large, even a day trip, travel gadgets follow us!


The best travel gadgetsLock Laptop.
It’s not the best idea to have your laptop, in plain sight, especially in coffee, on beaches or rather to have your laptop with you on vacation … but sometimes you need it. Kensington Combosaver comes to give a solution. This is a lock, which locks your laptop to an object which is good that can not be moved easily!
Price: 30€





The best travel gadgetsSolar keyboard for iPad.
It is actually a case-keyboard. What better than be protected, while you write comfortably in your i Pad and all with the help of solar energy. This device will charge with any light, indoors or outdoors.
Price: 130€




gadgetsFind the suitcase.
When you are going to use boat or airplane, one of the main concerns, is to not lose your case. There is no worst-case scenario when you lose your suitcase… This device detects your suitcase, and connects its own GPS with GPS in your phone, so you know at any moment where your little treasure is… The application sends alerts to your mobile phone to find your luggage … Available from April 2013.
Price: 50$




gadgetSolar charger.
The major problem when traveling is that we all need sometimes more battery! With this device, you can charge your mobile phone anywhere!
Price: 180$





Scientific monitorSafely Sunbathing.
This device reveals how long you can stay in the sun. Reading based on UV and skin type. It has a countdown timer, a digital clock and a handy graphic to show how dangerous the sun is.
Price: 30£






best travel gadgetsCharger with water!
With little water, PowerTrekk charger can charge your cell phone, as it has hydrogen fuel cells!
Price: 200€




Reminiscent of the 80’s just hanging on the beach with the cassette player to play music, but maybe it is not so bad idea.Eton Soulra is essentially a Portable Speaker, that charges with the sun and can replace the classic deservedly Radios need … actually you need to have an iPhone to make it work!
Price: 220$

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