Strange hotels , weird, unusual … People visited those hotels had an unforgettable experience!


παράξενα ξενοδοχείαalcatraz hotelstrangest hotelsalcatraz hotelAlcatraz!
Alcatraz Hotel

In Germany, in the city of Kaiserslautern,  someone had the idea to turn an old prison into a strange hotel with the name Alcatraz! Those who decide to stay there, must be aware that the rooms are real cells and have iron beds, bars on the windows and a small bathroom. Also, the hotel will provide striped prison clothes, to male guests feel like real prisoners!




παράξενα ξενοδοχείαice hotelstrangest hotelsice hotelIce Age!
Ice Hotel
This hotel is located in Sweden and is very cold! If you think you know what real cold is, you are making a mistake! The room’s temperature descends below zero as it is entirely made ​​up -as the whole complex- of ice … even the beds! If you choose to stay in this hotel, you will  sleep in a sleeping bag and employees will advise you on how to stay and sleep under these strange circumstances! Does it worth to live this unique experience in this extraordinary hotel? Probably yes!




παράξενα ξενοδοχείαstrangestPoseidon-Undersea-ResortposeidonDiving Time!
Poseidon Undersea Resorts

Poseidon Undersea Resorts is located on the islands Fiji … actually a bit below the islands! Visitor of this hotel will be found 10 meters below sea level and will be accommodated in rooms made ​​of glass, with an unobstructed view to the bottom of the sea! The hotel has restaurant and gym. An elevator will transport guests from the coast to Poseidon.




capsuleinncapsuleinnCapsule-Inn-AkihabarahotelsAiry, bright, comfortable!
Capsule Inn

This strange hotel in Japan, has very small rooms! If you choose to stay in this hotels, you will sleep in capsules. The rooms have TV, radio alarm clock according to the official website! The dimensions of the capsule is 2 meters tall, 1.25 thick and just 80 centimeters tall. Anything else for a comfortable sleep?




tree-house-kerala-Indiastrangest hotelsnature-resort-kerala-indiaweird hotelsBack to the trees!
Green Magic Treehouses
This starnge hotel is located in India and in fact it consists of houses on trees. Visitors may not expect many comforts as there is no electricity, but a more ecological approach. This hotels gives you the opportunity to remember your childhood!




everlandstrangest hotelseverlandπερίεργα-ξενοδοχείαWandering … hotel!
Everland Hotel
The hotel has only one room, a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom. The strange thing in the whole concept is that the room was placed each time in different parts of France, Switzerland and Germany. There was the opportunity to rent this room for just one night and we say  was, because according to the site the everland stopped his journey after a thousand nights in different destinations!