The second largest river in Greece, begins its journey from the Pindos mountain range and after about 200 km, flows into the Ionian Sea. The beautiful journey into the rich waters of Aspropotamos (popular name), will meet the prefecture of Trikala, Karditsa, Arta, Evrytania and Aetoloakarnania. The name Aspropotamos (Whiteriver) comes from the foaming image mostly in the spring when the snow melts, or perhaps from the white gravel encountered along its banks. In the Acheloos, you can fish or swim in the summer.


The largest river of Greece is situated in Western Macedonia and the length reaches 300 km. The river flows from the mountains of Verno, Grammo and Voio, the country’s borders with Albania, and empties into the Thermaikos gulf between Thessaloniki and Katerini. In Kozani, river forms the artificial lake Polyfyto, created after the construction of the Polyfyto dam. Aliakmonas has a rich variety of fish species. In the area you will find many birds. The rich waters of Aliakmonas, offers the visitors an idyllic sight, who will admire the course of the river through the cliffs and magnificent forests.


Certainly a stop in the valley of Tempe to enjoy the passage of the river between Olympus and Kissavos will reward you. The sources are located in Pindos and Pinios reaches the plains of Thessaly, crossing over the valley of Tempi to eject in the Thermaikos Gulf. The length is over 200 km.


Nestos springing from Rila mountain , but empties into Greek territory, namely the Thracian Sea, having gone through the Rhodope Mountains and Mountain Falakro. You will admire unique flowers, such as orchids and many birds. Sports enthusiasts will have the opportunity to cross it by kayak or walk next to it, on the European path E6. The “mouth” of the Nestos river, an area of ​​550,000 acres, is a “wetland of international importance” and part of the National Park which includes also the lakes Vistonida and Ismarida.


The Alfeios river is located in Peloponnese. It is the largest river of Peloponnese, having a length of 110 km. The source is located in Arcadia and the area of Palaiokastro formed a green valley, which continues to the confluence of the Ionian Sea and the mouth of the river to the Gulf of Kyparissia. It is one of the most raging rivers of Greece, which is why the river wonderful landscapes can only be discovered by the bold!


The river has a total length of almost 400 km, but the 2/3 of the river are on Bulgarian soil and 1/3 in Greek. Strymonas river flows exclusively in Serres and it’s width is more than 250 meters, it’s depth of up to 3 meters. The river passes between the mountains Kerdyllio and Paggaio and flows into the Strymon Gulf. On the banks of the river, there is a wide variety of aquatic vegetation and the landscape perfectly complement poplars, willows, and sycamores. In Strymonas waters, live several species of fishes, while the area encounters a variety of animals and birds.


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