It’s Thursday … 10am and at the Ano Lehonia Railway Station we are waiting for the train Pelion railwayof Pelion to start its unique trip. The train whistles and a beautiful journey to Pelion begins. Pelion railway began his trips in 1894, stopped in 1971 to start again in 1996, where until today gives its passengers a unique journey full of pictures and history.


Its construction began in 1894. Initially starting from Volos Pelion railway
to Lechonia while the remaining piece until Milies, built in 1903. Pelion railway was designed to unite the city of Volos and Pelion. The Italian engineer Evaristo de Chirico was responsible for the design and supervision of the project. In the 1960s, increased traffic and road network, managed to discredit the train, until the final shutdown in 1971.


The speed is just 25 kph, but we love it! Το τρένο του ΠηλίουAnd why should we not love it? The scenery is wonderful, from Lechonia (the starting point) until Milies (the terminal). Starting from Lechonia our route is uphill and difficult for the train of Pelion, which seems to overspeed just like the old days. The train’s only intermediate stop is at the Ano Gatzea station from which it toils on to Milies. PelionThe whole journey takes about 90 minutes and you can admire besides the natural landscape, bridges (especially the five-arched stone bridge in Kalorema and metal bridge with curve path), arches and tunnels.
At the end of the route, lies Milies station. Here will be the reversal of the direction of the train in order to start the return journey to Lechonia.


Pelion Pelion
railway railway

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