Do you like mountain trails, exploration, contact with nature? There are some places in Greece that are well worth visiting, even if this means that you will walk and you’ll be tired enough. For sure they will reward you, with unforgettable memories!



Just before the entrance to Kalambaka and the closest you approach, you begin to see the towering cliffs of Meteora. This splendor of nature will inspire you, either you look it from a distance, or if you’re next to it! Get ready for a lot of walking … All six monasteries which are still operating, are the male monastery of St. Nicholas Asmenos, monastery Roussanou, the male monastery of Metamorfosi Sotiros, “Megalo Meteoro”, the monastery Barlaam and the monastery of Agios Stefanos. The ascent from afar looks sometimes frightening, but there is no danger. The view is spectacular and all the monasteries are really beautiful! If you can visit all six (fairly difficult), you can then get down to Kalambaka for dinner and relaxation!




Kalavryta are located in the prefecture of Achaia and is one of the most famous destinations in the Peloponnese and beyond. All villages here are beautiful and traditional. Some of them are Zachlorou, the Ano and Kato Vlasia, Kalanos, Katarraktis and Planitero. You will find many monasteries and one of the most beautiful gorges of Greece, the Vouraikos gorge. Of course there is the cog Railway! Starts from Diakofto and makes a beautiful ride through landscapes and villages to reach Kalavryta.




Plastira LakePlastira Lake

Countless villages around the beautiful lake and infinite prospects for someone to enjoy the fantastic views. Kryoneri, Kalyvia, Pezoula, Morfovouni, Moschato, Neraida, Neochori, Mesenikolas, Belekomyti, Moucha, Lampero, Anthoxori, Kerasia, Fylakti, Kastania, Agios Athanasios, Tsardaki, Karitsa … Continuing in the mountains of Agrafa, you will find many villages between forests and rivers. A must for lovers of nature and traditional!





Apart from Karpenisi and well known villages of Eyrytania, as Agios Nikolaos, Voutiro, Koryschades, Mikro and Megalo Chorio, what will captivate the visitor is the magic of travel in nature … trees, streams, rivers, canyons, lakes and monasteries. For those who seek contact with real nature, Eyrytania is the ideal destination.






Pelion has great beaches. But it also has beautiful mountain villages! The journey and exploration of landscapes and picturesque villages of Pelion, is a unique experience! Some of the mountain villages of Pelion are Makrinitsa, the Ano and Kato Gatzea, Kerasia, Puri, Chorefto, Tsagarada, Zagora, Platanidia, Malaki etc. The architecture of most of them, is impressive, and in each one of those villages, you will have the opportunity to wander through the beautiful nature.





Mountain Kaimaktsalan or otherwise Voras, is located on the north of Greece. Voras is the third highest mountain in Greece, located in Pella. At the foot of Vora, you will meet two beautiful villages, Palios Agios Athanasios and Panagitsa. Explore and enjoy the snow, pine trees and impressive gorges. Of course you should visit the ski center!





On the fantastic mountain chain of Pindos, we meet the wonderful villages of Tzoumerka (Agnanta, Kypseli, Pramanta, Katarraktis, Vourgareli, Neraida, Kallarytes, Syrrako etc.). Less known than Zagorochoria but equally wonderful, these villages are the ideal choice for those who want to feel the thrill of discovery. And for lovers of hiking, there is a very old trail that connects the villages Sirako and Kalarrytes. You will need about one hour to cross.




FeneosMountain Corinthia

The county is famous for its seaside resorts, but for those who visit Corinthia often and want something different, mountainous Corinthia is the only way! Trikala Corinthias, Feneos, Goura and many other beautiful villages that will not leave you disappointed, especially if you are looking for a quiet weekend next to the nature. You will find many monasteries and temples, such as the church of Agios  Dimitrios in Kato Trikala, and the Monastery of Panagia in Mesea Trikala.


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