Travel destinations in Greece never end! Destinations for autumn travel are a great opportunity to discover many parts of the Greek mainland!


Best Greek destinations for autumn travelMonemvasia

Monemvasia is a stunning proposal for a short autumn break. Walk in the beautiful cobbled streets, admire the medieval fortress, Monuments and churches and then rest in Monemvasia city which features a wide variety of hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants.



Bautumn travelNafplio

Nafplio is a city with great history. Walk in the promenade and in the narrow streets of the old town, admire and explore Mpoyrtzi, Palamidi and Castle.



Greek destinations for autumn travelPlastira Lake

Plastira lake is a great place to visit every season. But especially in the autumn lake Plastira will offer you a unique experience. Lake is dressed in the colors of autumn and invites us on a journey full of trails, monasteries and breathtaking images.


Best Greek destinationsNafpaktos

Offering a perfect mountain and sea combination, Nafpaktos will not let us forget so quickly the summer. The Venetian castle, the mountain and the surrounding villages will help us to expel the melancholy of summer vacation. Just a little above, the mountainous Nafpaktos is waiting patiently to be explored on a delightful journey.


Greek autumn travelPrespes

The melancholic landscape in Prespes is an ideal combination with the autumnal atmosphere. Shortly before approaching the villages of Prespa, Pervali village welcomes us with idyllic views of the lakes and villages. Continuing our journey, we will pass from Karyes, Lefkes, Miliona and Agios Germanos, before reaching the lakes.


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