To add a business you must register. Registration is very simple! Just enter a username and your email address.
We will send you an email with the password. You can register by clicking on Register,  or press directly” Add Experience” and select New User? Register Now.

Select Destination: Select the destination you want.

Category: There is the basic category accommodation, from which you must select a subcategory.

Title: Write the name of your company

Address: Enter the address. eg: Deligiorgi 6 Athens 10437 and click tracking on the map, you can then drag the pin to locate the correct address

Latitude / Longitude: Fields filled in automatically when you press Locate on map

Description: Describe your registration. Do not copy the exact text that you may have on your website of your business.

View Map Google: Select how you want the map to appear in your entry.

Promotions: If you have a special offer for your business write here. It will be placed in a separate box.

Contact Hours: Enter the hours for your communication with the public. eg: 10.00 am to 6 pm weekdays

Phone: Your Phone.

Email: If you enter your email, visitors will be able to send you email.

Website: Enter your website. eg:

Online Booking: If you are registered in a site for online reservation e.g. or have your own online booking system, enter the url. e.g.: Visitors that will click on Online Booking, will lead to the page you set for reservation.

Facebook: If you enter your address on Facebook, visitors will be able to see your profile. If you do not want it, leave the field empty.

Add images: You can upload up to 6 photos to create a gallery on your page. The first picture will be the primary image. The size of each image must less than 4mb.

Enter video: If you want to add a video, add video code here.

Category: Select the category that your company belongs (optional).

Amenities: Write the amenities offered by your company (each word must be separated with a comma comma e.g. Parking, Air conditioning)

Booking Price from: Enter the minimum reservation price e.g. 50 € (You can always change the value when you edit your submission)

Select Package : Select the package you want.

Additional advertising options (for businesses): You are able to select additional advertisement of your business on the home page or by labeling the category you selected, or both.

Press Preview Registration then Submit and you’re done!
You can always fix something or delete your entry.
Simply log in and click on your name. You will be redirected to the dashboard, where you will see your listing and options Edit or Delete.